Sunday, 20 April 2014

Loving greetings from Westerwald - Germany's Western Forest
Today at the "graduation" of 59 advanced yoga teachers I told the following story that I'd like to share:

Three students, upon completing their studies went to sit with their teacher for one final teaching before they left the ashram. They asked him to tell them how to continue their studies and yoga practice while living in the world.

The teacher responded by simply saying the Sanskrit letter “da”, then he asked: “Do you understand?” 

“Yes" said the first student "Da" stands for 'damyata'. You want us to live life of self-control.”

The second student interjected, "do you mean 'datta' (give)? Are you telling us to be generous and to take joy in sharing?"
The third student suggested, "perhaps you mean daya (compassion)".

"Yes", said the teacher, "you all understand the teachings".

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